BJM Safety Consultants

Safety Philosophy


BJM Safety Consultants is focused on ensuring the safety of all employees. We can support any industry, but specialize in supporting manufacturing, petrochemical storage and distribution, as well as construction projects. Reducing your employee injuries to zero is a worthy goal, but this should be a long term goal of your organization. When it comes to reducing injures there are no magic bullets; there is no single program, training or policy that will keep your employees free from injury. Reducing injuries takes a comprehensive program and strategy, along with a true commitment from the company’s leadership to create a culture in which safety is a core value.

I often say that companies need to be ready to start improving their culture. Sure, there are lots of things a company can do right away to improve their safety culture, but most often safety improvement is an evolution. Companies typically first need to have in place all the foundational elements of a good safety program. They also have adopted one of the management systems (ANSI Z10, OHSAS 18000, or ISO 45001) and are ready to take their safety program to the next level.

What does it mean to “…create a culture in which safety is a core value”? When safety is a core value, it becomes a part of who you are as an organization. It means that safety is ingrained in every discussion, in every meeting, and in every decision. It’s not “bolted on”, but “Built-in”1 to the daily dialog, and discussed throughout the day. Company leaders must be sincere in this belief. It is more than just mentioning safety at the monthly meeting, or using a slogan like ”safety is number one”. When we say these things, it implies that there is some type of prioritization going on. We all know that priorities change. If safety is a core value, it is always with us, it does not change. It was Thomas Krause that first determined that, “Leadership is the only thing that can influence the company culture”2.  In order to influence the culture of the company, leaders need to have a consistent method or communicating and coaching around safety.

If your company is just starting out, BJM Safety Consultants can help you get in place all of the foundational elements of a great safety program.  If your business can not yet support a full time safety professional, let us do it for you. If your company safety staff is over worked, let us help fill the gaps. If you have in place all the foundational elements of a good safety program, but still not seeing the results, we can help provide your company with the communications and coaching you need to take your program to the next level. There is nothing more important than your employee’s safety, and ensuring everyone goes home to their friends and family at the end of each day. 



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