• If you are just getting started, we can help you build a foundational safety program.


  • If you have a foundational safety program, and are trying to get ISO/VPP certified, we can evaluate your program and help you fill any gaps.


  • If you are looking to take your safety program to the next level, we can help you create a culture in which safety is a core value.


  • If you are looking to engrain  your safety culture into the organization, then we can provide field coaching and mentoring to your leaders, supervisors, and safety staff.gand ety


  • If you have a serious accident or fatality, we can help you investigate; settle any OSHA citations; and assist with any litigation.






  • Upstream

  • Midstream

  • Downstream


  • Storage

  • Distribution

  • Use


  • Wood

  • Steel

  • Plastics

  • Chemicals


  • Pipelines

  • Petrochemcial Plants

BJM Safety  Consultants

Keeping employees safe by

Developing a Safety Culture


After leading Environmental, Health, Safety & Security for a wide variety of industries, for 30 years, Brian J. McGuire founded BJM Safety Consultants.  Our goal in consulting is the same as it was in my 30 years as a safety professional, to protect workers from injury and ensure every employee goes home at the end of the day to their family and friends.   


The best way to ensure this happens is to create a culture in which safety is a core value.  We will help educate you as to what a great safety culture looks like; we will evaluate your current companies culture; we can assist with putting together a strategic plan to move your company’s safety culture in a positive direction, and assist you with implementing that plan.


If your company already has a great safety program, and you are looking to take your culture to the next level, we can provide on the ground field coaching and mentoring to your safety professionals, supervisors and leaders.




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